Mount Majura Vineyard raising funds for YouthCARE

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We’re very proud to announce that the team here at Mount Majura Vineyard have raised $16,000 for our charity partner, YouthCARE Canberra, through the sale of a special release wine, NINO.

The money will go directly towards outreach services for youth at risk, in an effort to help those facing homelessness and violence.

The NINO project was a great deal of fun — the wine was different to those we usually make and we learnt a lot from it in a technical sense. But what was even more fun, and taught us more, was forming the partnership with YouthCARE Canberra, and seeing what a difference our contribution could make.

YouthCARE Canberra are out on the street, helping young people who fall through the cracks. They don’t get any government funding, and they need help to keep being able to do what they do. We’re very proud that partly with our help they’re able to continue their great work and have even been able to get another youth care worker on board.

Being able to hand over the entire proceeds from the sale of NINO was particularly pleasing, and for this we thank our generous sponsors who provided our supplies for free: Spinebill Design designed the label, which Multi Color printed, Grapeworks donated the crown seals and Vinkem Packaging donated the cartons. On top of that Jim Murphy’s and Ainslie Cellars stocked and sold the wine without taking a cent. Thank you all!

Naturally we now want to see this become an ongoing partnership, so we’ve made another special wine, No. 10 Red. The first place to try (and buy) it is at YouthCARE Canberra’s Rugby Dinner on August 30, which will be celebrating local rugby great, Steven Larkham.

We named it No.10, in honour of Steven’s playing number. He is a local Canberra boy who has achieved so much. He is a long-term supporter of YouthCARE Canberra and their Rugby Dinner.

If there’s any left after that (only 128 six-packs were made) it will be available through Mount Majura Vineyard’s website.

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Frank van de Loo

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Thursday August 31, 2017

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