Canberra Wine Week 2021 – What events are on?

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If you’re wondering what to do or where to go to help celebrate the 2021 Canberra Wine Week, and our 50 Years of Canberra Wine, make sure you head straight to our Events page. This page will be updated each time an event is advertised, and will link you directly to the Winery who is holding the event so you can get on in and grab your tickets!

Canberra Wine Week 

There are a couple of ways to filter the events, you can chose the month of March for all Canberra Wine Week events, or you can use the Category – Canberra Wine Week. Both will bring up all events that we’ve got published for the festival.
You can also keep an eye on our Social Media pages where we’ll be regularly posting what’s happening.
Now that you’re in the know, you can get out there and Go!
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Wednesday March 3, 2021

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