The Contentious Character Story


The bone of contention is our character. We’re provocative by nature.

Taking pleasure in healthy debate and challenging perspectives. It’s something that comes second nature to us. It’s hard to make great wine without ruffling some feathers. After all, with four founders at the helm, almost every decision we make is the result of diplomacy, negotiation and the odd barney.

But we all end up on the same page.

Sharing a glass of wine worth all the blood sweat and tears. That’s why we make no bones about it, the bone of contention is the backbone of our business.

At Contentious Character, we’re developing an innovative, yet accessible, and memorable experience in the Canberra cool climate region; maintaining the existing reputation established by the founding Lambert family, with a new tasting and dining experience.

‘The Lambert family made high quality wines with great skill and sensitivity.’ (Halliday Wine Companion 2017)

These aged wines have matured exceptionally well with cellaring and now present a mellow complexity, way beyond their value. They will be complemented with new releases under the Contentious Character brand early 2017.

Cellar-Door – Tastings with tasting platters
Diner – Fresh local farm based menu for Saturday or Sunday lunch including pizza from the wood-fired pizza oven.
Events for up to 90 people.

Relaxed and casual environment created by eclectic furnishings, friendly and local service; and beautiful views of surrounding countryside.
Cellar door and Diner open Saturdays and Sundays 10am-5pm

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Canberra Wines Association

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Monday October 24, 2016

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