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Contentious Character Pickers Platters & Wine – Take Away

The Contentious Characters have put together a value package where you can add a bottle of your favourite wine to a takeaway Pickers Platter. Play safe. Enjoy. Takeaway pizza and pasta specials will be available Thursday and Friday nights as usual with free home delivery for Wamboin and Bywong. While you’re there take advantage of the specials on their new releases the 2017 Merlot, 2019 Pinot Grigio and 2019 Riesling.

New Releases from the Contentious Characters of Canberra


Merlot is the biggest grape variety in all of France and 67 million French can’t be wrong! Yet some people are still living in the dark ages of 2004. If you saw Miles in Sideways protest that he ain’t gonna drink a fucking Merlot, you know what we mean. Merlot has come of age and, just like us, it really is time to grow up. Next time you thirst for a titillating, surprising glass of wine, then go ahead and murder a Merlot. Our Merlot is so delicious, like murder, it ought to be illegal.

Tasting note
Aged 30 months in oak this Merlot displays rich black cherry and raspberry flavours with some cedar and leather notes in the background and neatly wrapped up with mellow tannins. Ideal for pizza and pasta, serve at 15 degrees. 


We were talking about some of the big mouths in the wine industry and how no one knows everything about wine, not even middle aged men. Everyone’s opinion is valid as long as we agree with it. But rather than say something crisp like, “shut your cakehole!”, we decided to put something crisp into your cakehole.  The obvious crispy wine is Riesling – with all that lemon and lime on the palette and nose, it’s not contentious. But it’s got to be the crispest wine for your cakehole.

Tasting Note

Citrus and cut hay aromas underpinned by rich Meyer lemon flavours and finely spun acidity for a crisp clean finish make for a delicate tasting Riesling.


When we say, “fifty shades”, we could mean a wine that is very nuanced and subtle, or just our winemakers’ heads. Our Pinot Gris has shades of white, red or blue grey, depending on whether you look at it first thing in the morning or after a few glasses.  The 2015 erotic movie Fifty Shades of Grey, inspired us to name our very first Pinot Grigio, but we cannot guarantee the same effect.

Tasting note
Fermented dry with good minerality and acid for length this Pinot Grigio displays rich lemon and nectarine fruit flavours due to picking a little later this year during harvest. This is a wine that works well with stir-fry’s, white meats and seafood. Best served at 8 degrees.

The above wines are available here and use the discount code CCF2020 at check out for your 15% off

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Thursday March 26, 2020

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