HG Nelson – Re-living The Dream – Tallagandra Winery

About the Event

Everyone’s favourite sports commentator, HG Nelson, AKA Greig Pickhaver, joins us for HG’s – Re-living The Dream.
20 years on this year, HG will share his reflections on the 2000 Olympics and how the world has changed since then. HG describes the show as ‘a bit of a chat’.
Join us at Tallagandra Hill Winery for this unique opportunity to tackle HG Nelson about all things sport and Olympics.
HG’s show will be held in Tallagandra Hill’s new event venue.
A range of Tallagandra Hill wines, local beers and cheese snack boxes will be available.
HG Nelson Re-living The Dream, is part of Tallagandra Hill’s We Love Local Festival, supporting local artists and producers.
Bookings are invited for groups of 6 to 10 only because of seating requirements (due to COVID restrictions). Car-pooling is encouraged.
Doors open at 3pm (not before).


Tallangandra Hill Winery, 1692 Murrumbateman Road, Gundaroo NSW 2620
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