Lake George Winery Wool & Wine workshop

About the Event

OhhBulldust Runs workshops throughout the year to bring people together, to show case the incredible fibre that is merino wool, to teach you all how Sam knits with just one hand. why I started knitting, ill teach you about the qualities of the wool, where it is derived from etc and we will together go through as a group to practise patience, learn new techniques to deal with your own struggles, ill teach you about how ive overcome my injuries and what I continue to do today to help me get through it all.

the Workshops are all about coming together and spending some much needed time on yourself , making beautiful things of your own, eating food and drinking some wine or a cuppa together while having a laugh and sharing stories together 🙂

Included in the ticket price is:
– Food
– Wine/drinks
– All the product needed to complete a couch throw
– A goodie bag to say Thankyou

Venue: Lake George Winery
Time: 11am- 3pm
Date: Saturday 17th July


Lake George Winery, 173 The Vineyards Road, Lake George, NSW 2581
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