Sip, Swirl & Learn Riedel Workshop Dinner

About the Event


Ever wondered why oaked Chardonnays are described as buttery, but yours always taste woody and bland? What about Pinot Noir, which is supposed to be fragrant and complex, but smells and tastes flat? When we try something we don’t like, we always fault the wine, and never think it might be the glass we’re using to blame.

10th generation Georg Riedel says that the “proper glass can function like a loudspeaker for flavours in wines”, and now you can experience why varietal glasses matter. Regardless of your knowledge of wine, a RIEDEL and Contentious Character Glass Tasting offers you an engaging and educational opportunity to learn how the shape of the glass can affect wines. You will walk away with an enlightened perspective on the sensory experience of wine.

Enjoy the RIEDEL hosted experience featuring Contentious Character wines and take home your set of 4 EXTREME glasses with the opportunity to buy more RIEDEL Glassware and Contentious Character wines at a significant discount. EXTREME set includes – Riesling, Oaked Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Shiraz.

Bookings are available for groups in compliance with restrictions. Workshop includes tutoring, set of 4 RIEDEL Extreme Glasses, tasting platter, main and dessert.

Small group with social distancing in place.

Cost $145 pp


Contentious Character, 810 Norton Road, Wamboin NSW 2620
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