Virtual Wine Tasting – Mount Majura Vineyard

About the Event

Have you tasted any 2020s yet? We don’t normally rush to get wines bottled, but with the crop unusually small in our pinot gris vines last year, we’ve been out of our most popular wine. So yes, the 2020 was fast-tracked a little and is now bottled and released.

This is one of the two wines we’ve made this year with bought-in grapes, so it’s labelled slightly differently – Mount Majura rather than Mount Majura Vineyard. We’re rather pleased how it has turned out, but there are no plans to do this again – Mount Majura Vineyard is definitely sticking to its single-vineyard identity!

Fitting in with the times, we would like to invite you to a live virtual tasting of the new Pinot Gris at 6pm on Thursday 21 May. We’ll tell you a bit about the wine and how it was made, answer your questions and discuss it with you. We will post the link here for the event and go live on facebook. If you would like to order some so that you can taste along with us, please do so soon, as deliveries seem to be a little slow at the moment.


Mount Majura Vineyard, 88 Lime Kiln Road, Majura ACT 2609
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