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Enotria Wines is a very small but growing family vineyard located on the Lake George Escarpment, just outside Canberra.

“Enotria” is the ancient Greek name given to the area of southern Italy colonised by Oenotrus, who came from Greece.  Enotria means “land of grapevines” and originally referred to the entirety of Southern Italy.  In recognition of the roots of some family members we have thus named our vineyard.

Since acquiring the vineyard some years ago, the family has concentrated on growing premium grapes and making excellent wine. We carefully nurture our vines and refer to the knowledge and expertise of other local winemakers.

We grow four grape varieties: Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Cabernet Franc and some Merlot vines.  We are also experimenting with Pinot Meuniere and Sangiovese. From these we produce Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Cabernet Franc, Rose and a sparkling champagne style wine – Blanc de Noir. All our wines are made from single variety grapes.

The vineyard is situated on a steep grade between 800 and 840 metres above sea level; because of the steep incline the vines are sheltered from both frosts and hot drying westerly winds. Being one of the highest growing areas in Australia, it is the perfect location for cool climate wines. At this height, budburst starts in September-October and fruit maturity is expected in March-April of the following year.  Water usage is becoming more and more of an issue and we are carefully monitoring it.

Our vines are grown mainly from clones of the Loire Valley in France, the premium grape growing region of France. We have instituted sustainable viticulture practices, choosing organic methods wherever possible. Our vines are hand-picked and hand pruned, the fruit is picked at optimal ripeness, each bunch individually assessed and sorted. This ensures minimal damage to the vines and maximum wellness of the fruit. We concentrate on low yield to maximise quality. If the grapes do not pass our stringent quality tests, then they never make it into the bottle!

To date, we have won gold, silver and bronze medals in various competitions, with scores up to 96, and we anticipate more success. Our dedication to making premium wine will continue long into the future.

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We would love you to order your wines through our website – www.enotria.com.au  or wine@enotria.com.au

Our family thanks you for your support!


73 Joe Rocks Road, Bungendore NSW 2621 - Open by appointment only
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