Jeir Creek Wines


Welcome Jeir Creek Wines – A Tale with Two Beginnings

Our story begins with old vines and new, science and tradition, and two families. The first family planted the beginnings of what we now enjoy, and our family immigrated from India (via Singapore) to take Jeir Creek Wines into the future.

Our 40-acre Property was first planted in 1984 by surveyor Rob Howell and his wife Kay. Back then, the Murrumbateman wine region was in its infancy, but already becoming noticed for its quality grapes. In its early years, Jeir Creek Wines joined many local vineyards in processing the grapes grown around here so that the juice could be sent to the Hardy’s winery for fermentation. Later, it expanded its own offerings to include a wide range of grape varieties and began to make the quality wines you may now recognize. An achievement made possible by our altitude. It just happens that 600 meters above sea level is perfect for many different grapes.

In the 90s, Jeir Creek was one of the larger wineries in the Canberra District.

Today, we continue to blend the very best in both science and old-world techniques to produce our award-winning range of wines. Our vision is for Jeir Creek Wines to become a place for the whole family. A new generation of winery and cellar door where kids, parents, foodies, and wine lovers alike can come together to connect.

Our family’s journey to Jeir Creek Wines was a combination of hard work and luck, arriving in Canberra from Singapore just one day before borders closed in 2020. Keen to return to our Indian family’s agricultural roots and a slower, more grounded pace of life, we chose Canberra to be closer to family. We fell in love on our first visit to Jeir Creek Wines, with its views stretching to the Brindabella Ranges and a vision of what it could become.

As new members of the wine industry, we are passionate about restoring the vines to produce the best quality wine possible. We also have plans for an Indian/Australian restaurant, event space, and cabin accommodation options on-site. Our goal is to bring a new look to Jeir Creek Wines and to create a place where the whole family can come together.

Our new look label shows both where our wines began and where we are going. The Royal Bluebell, now in gold, reminds us of Jeir Creek Wines’ rich history. As the floral emblem for the ACT, it also continues our strong connection to Canberra. The rest of the label is modern, yet classic, reflecting our family’s vision of moving forward while honoring tradition and history.

At Jeir Creek Wines, we take pride in the fact that our wines are made with the utmost care and attention to detail. We believe that every glass of wine should tell a story, and ours is a tale of two beginnings, two families, and a shared vision for the future.

We invite you to come and enjoy our handcrafted wines and beautiful scenery, take a tour of our vineyard, and learn about our winemaking process. Our cellar door is a place where you can relax and unwind with family and friends while enjoying a glass of wine and taking in the stunning views.

Thank you for being a part of our journey, and we look forward to welcoming you to Jeir Creek Wines soon.



122 Bluebell Lane, via Gooda Creek Road, Murrumbateman NSW 2582
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