McKellar Ridge Wines


McKellar Ridge Wines – a new vintage!  John and Marina have always shared a passion for wine. However, it was during a family holiday to Slovenia that John had a life-changing epiphany.   While marvelling at the European family vineyard, John’s father lamented how he was forced to abandon the business due to the outbreak of World War II.  At that moment John realised his destiny: re-establish the family tradition of wine production.

In 2016 John and Marina embarked on a second career in winemaking. The day John retired from corporate life the couple coincidentally met the founders of McKellar Ridge, Brian and Janet Johnston, marking the start of a wonderful friendship.  Before long Marina closed her nutrition and dietetic clinics so the pair could assist in making the 2017 vintage.  John and Marina bought the business in June 2017.  The couple are dedicated to elevating the award-winning winery to ever greater heights. The Cellar Door is open every Saturday & Sunday 10am to 4pm where you can meet John and Marina and taste the award-winning wines.



2 Euroka Avenue, Murrumbateman NSW
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