Pique Nique Wine


A Pique Nique class is a fuss-free introduction to wine and the Canberra wine region. You’ll discover the essential elements of wine, how wine is made, food and wine pairing – and you get to do all this by tasting through a hand-picked selection of quality Canberra wines.
Canberran Emma Shaw works at a local winery, is studying winemaking, and is a proud champion of the premium wines from this district. Emma creates a warm atmosphere where you can relax and have fun with food and wine.
If you’re interested in learning a bit about wine or about the wines of this region this class is designed for you. It’s held monthly at The Canberra Wine House in Dickson, and with special discounts for Pique Niquers at many local wineries, a class is the perfect launching pad for exploring the cellar doors of the region.


2 Badham St, Dickson, 2602
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