Four Winds Vineyard


You won’t regret a visit out to Four Winds Vineyard.

With their cellar door nestled between a block of Riesling and Shiraz you can kick back on the deck and enjoy a glass of wine in one hand and a slice of wood-fired pizza in the other.

What started out as one couple’s dream to grow and sell grapes has turned into an inter-generational family business. Four Winds Vineyard now grows grapes, makes wine and has a cellar door on site, so that you can come and sit amongst the vines.

The property’s name ‘Four Winds’ has a long history which began with a miner and his wife living on the property in a slab-hut. Her name was Scheherazade, after the story teller in The Arabian Nights. One of the stories from The One Thousand and One Nights describes a magic carpet being borne by the four winds of good fortune. She named this small farm in Murrumbateman ‘Four Winds’ in the hope it would carry their good fortunes. We hope that the four winds carry your good fortunes!

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Canberra Wines Association

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Friday October 21, 2016

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