New wine to celebrate 180 years in the area.


To celebrate the 180th anniversary of Rob Howell’s family moving to Jeir (great great grandfather in 1836, unbeknownst to him until recently), and the 33rd year since the family development of Jeir Creek Winery itself, a startling new wine has been released.

The late Dr Edgar Reik, a district winemaking pioneer, was insistent that his special muscat clone was used for part of Robs planting, and the result is startling.

The long  awaited Muscat is available, with material going back to his first  Muscat vintage in 1995.
So, 21 year old material produces the most outstanding wine, showing intensely luscious raisin fruit on the aroma and palate, and a beguiling lengthy finish.

Cellar door release only.

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Canberra Wines Association

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Monday October 24, 2016

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