Panfried Salmon with Pankhurst Arneis

Panfried Salmon and potato salad with hot lime butter dressing and Pankhurst Arneis

 450gm salmon fillet, skin on, seasoned with salt on both sides

400gm chat potatoes, cut in half

2pkts fresh asparagus, cut into thirds

100gm dried cranberries

1/4c extra virgin olive oil

50gm butter

Zest and juice of half a lime

Boil the potatoes in salted water until they are knife tender, add the chopped asparagus for the last two minutes of the cooking time so they remain tender crisp and green; drain both and let steam dry, set aside. Fry the seasoned salmon on medium heat with a TB olive oil until just cooked through (add a lid to the pan to help the salmon steam from the top). Add a tsp butter to the pan and allow the skin to crisp up, and baste the salmon with the hot butter and oil for a minute. Remove the salmon to a plate and keep warm (it will continue to cook after removing from the pan, so don’t overcook the fillet in the pan).

Turn the heat to low and add the remaining butter, lime zest and juice to the pan to make the dressing. Whisk until all incorporated and taste for seasoning.

Add vegies to a big bowl, and swathe in the hot dressing (warm potatoes suck up hot dressings like there’s no tomorrow); flake the salmon into large chunks, add to the bowl. Sprinkle the dried cranberries over the top and mix together carefully so the items don’t break up.

Serve as a side salad or a main course (serves 3), with fresh crusty sourdough and a deliciously chilled Pankhurst Arneis.


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Sarah McDougall

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Sunday December 10, 2017

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