Robyn Rowe is selected for a trip of a lifetime


Robyn Rowe of Robyn Rowe Chocolates has been selected to experience where her cocoa beans come from in Africa. Company F. Mayer Imports P/L and Callebaut Belgium, who supply Robyn her Fair Trade chocolate, have created a customised Cocoa Plantation Tour of Ghana for selected Australian Chocolatiers, Pastry Chefs and Chefs who want the opportunity to see where the product comes from.

This is the second time this tour has been offered to Australian customers, the first was in 2015 to see first-hand how the cocoa bean is cultivated, harvested and processed.

To gain this special invite, Robyn was selected due to her passion for chocolate, a love for the industry and someone who gets a very real satisfaction out of what they do while striving for the best product.

Robyn said, ‘The best way to truly understand my chocolate is to appreciate where it comes from and I’m so excited and humbled that I have been selected to travel to Ghana to experience first -hand the cultivation of the cocoa plants and how the pods are harvested.

Company F. Mayer Imports P/L and Callebaut Belgium believe the better we are educated about chocolate, the more we appreciate what good chocolate is all about and understand how important this luxurious treat is to the economies of countries all over the world’.

Robyn departs for Ghana in October.

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Robyn Rowe

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Tuesday August 15, 2017

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