Tallagandra Hill Wines are heading to the UK and Ireland!

Tallagandra Hill wines about to leave for export to the UK

Tallagandra Hills wine is packed up now and on its way to Ireland and the UK.

They have exported three pallets (192 dozen) of wine including: The Great Ron Shiraz, The Favourite Son Tempranillo, The Diplomat Viognier, The Prodigal Daughter Vermentino, Eva Rose and The Good Soldier Shiraz Cabernet.

The importers, Milestone Group in County Down, were attracted to the distinctive cool-climate quality of the wines together with the story of Tallagandra Hill and each of the wines – and the connection to Ireland through the McAvoy family.

In a coup for a local winemaker to be able to compete with European wines in that market because of the relative cost difference and ease for access for European winemakers – a great stamp of approval for the Canberra District wine industry.

It also illustrates that wines from small boutique local wineries are sought after all around the world.

Cellar door visitors from countries such as the UK, Ireland, USA, China, Japan, South Africa, Italy, Greece and Korea have all been impressed with the high quality and unique character of their wines and the other members of our Association.

Here’s Mac (their Marketing Manager) suspiciously farewelling the wine.

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Canberra District Wine Industry Association

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Wednesday September 5, 2018

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