Women in Wine – Winederlust’s New Podcast Series

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Wine & Travel podcast next season dropping from 8 March 2023

Check out Winederlust’s new podcast series on Women in Wine this International Women’s Day.

It is full of interviews with impressive women working in the wine industry and the broader hospitality and tourism industries.

The guests are a mix of women working for small local business and those that founded their own businesses, and all of them are Canberra-based.

Each episode focuses on one occupation. Some of these include being a winemaker, a cellar door manager, a tour guide and restaurant manager.

“I loved making this series so much and having the opportunity to meet such a range of amazing women,” says host, Jeanene.

Jeanene met with a dozen women discussing the skills you need but also what personality traits are useful for each occupation.

“It was quite an eye opener speaking with the guests employing staff. The key quality they are searching for is an enthusiasm to learn. It was emphasised a few times that skills can be learned but you can’t teach enthusiasm.”

“We also talked about the best parts of each job, but also the difficult and challenging parts. These are so different depending on the industry but also how that can be amplified when it’s your own business.”

This is an interesting series if you are looking for a new job, a career change or just fancy a peek into working in a different field or starting your own business.

“I could have made so many more episodes. It is so interesting how many different roles intersect with wine, hospitality and tourism.”

The 7-part series will drop daily from International Women’s Day, Wednesday 8 March 2023, on all major podcast platforms.

The ACT Office for Women supported the development and production of this podcast series.

The Winederlust podcast usually provides tourist information on visiting wine regions around Australia. It provides a history of the region, suggestions on cellar doors to visit, other activities you can do in the region and interviews with local winemakers.

Media contact: Jeanene Kennedy-Evans 0419 749 689 or jeanene@winederlust.com.au

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Thursday March 16, 2023

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